Leonardo da Vinci: Cardiovascular Physiologist and the First Biomedical Engineer
Presented by Dr. Jeremy Wasser
with Additional Commentary by Dr. Rocky Ruggiero

Date & Time:
Thursday, February 4, 2021 / 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR | “Leonardo da Vinci: Cardiovascular Physiologist and the First Biomedical Engineer”
Presented by Dr. Jeremy Wasser
with Additional Commentary by Dr. Rocky Ruggiero

What do you think of when you hear the name Leonardo da Vinci – artist, inventor, Renaissance Man? But what about Leonardo as an anatomist, physiologist, cardiovascular researcher, or biomedical engineer?

Beginning around 1510, Leonardo had the opportunity to observe dissections by the great contemporary physician and anatomist, Marco Antonio Della Torre, while the latter was teaching in Pavia. Da Vinci himself stated that he participated in an additional 30 or more dissections in the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova in Florence, further refining his already considerable anatomical knowledge. What seems to set him apart, however, from other artists of his time who also studied human anatomy, is that Leonardo’s curiosity extended to what lay beneath the skin and muscle, to parts of the human body that would never be directly visualized in his artistic works. He wanted to know not just what the heart, lungs, brain and other organs looked like, but how they functioned. And being Leonardo, he set himself the task of figuring it out.

Join physiologist and medical historian, Dr. Jeremy Wasser, PhD, for an introduction to the Leonardo you may not be familiar with. Leonardo da Vinci: Cardiovascular Physiologist and the First Biomedical Engineer will present the ways Leonardo’s ideas on how the body actually works were centuries ahead of his time. You will learn how Leonardo’s keen observations have been re-discovered and confirmed thanks to modern experimental methods and medical imaging techniques such as MRI.

Jeremy Wasser is an Associate Professor of physiology at Texas A&M University. Dr. Wasser also serves as the program leader for study abroad programs in Germany, focused on the history of medicine, providing future doctors and biomedical science researchers with a foundation in physiology and the medical humanities. Along with his scientific publications he has written and lectured on the culture of disease, the history of public health and health policy, the history of human experimentation, and the role of physiological education in contemplative practices. Additionally, his training in opera and theatre allow Dr. Wasser to create unique personas for lectures in the history of medicine and performances related to science and storytelling.

The webinar will include a 45-minute lecture followed by 15-minutes of Q&A.

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