Big Mike – Michelangelo’s Greatest Hits

Date & Time:
Friday, August 7, 2020 / 11:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Age: 8ish – 13ish


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FREE SUMMER CAMP SESSION | “Big Mike – Michelangelo’s Greatest Hits!” 
by Dr. Rocky Ruggiero and Ms. Katie Stack, M.Ed.

Let’s face it, no artist has ever been as famous and popular as Michelangelo – and for good reason. He lived to be nearly 90 years old – when most people died at half that age – and made some of the most beautiful sculptures and paintings in history. Today we will count down Big Mike’s greatest hits to see why he was so famous!

Format: This free 1-hour session is specifically designed for youth and will consist of a combination of presentation and activities. Dr. Rocky and Ms. Katie will make art and history come to life! Our “story telling” presentations will use beautiful images to animate history and bring it to life! Whoever knew that learning could be so much fun!

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