Post Black Death and Early Renaissance Painting “in Perspective”

Sites visited: The Church and Convent of Santa Maria Novella, Spanish Chapel and Brancacci Chapel                             

Duration: 3 hours 

The “Black Death” of 1348 has been described as the single most important event in the history of Europe. An epidemic of cyclopic dimensions, it killed off nearly half the population of Europe in a single year. The effects of this plague on art have been the focus of much research. We will examine the frescoes in the Spanish Chapel at Santa Maria Novella as a possible testimony of a “post black death style”.

We will then continue on to the church of Santa Maria Novella to view one of the most important paintings of all times: Masaccio’s Holy Trinity. This is the first painting ever to make use of the tool of linear perspective. We will also view Masaccio’s revolutionary frescoes at the Brancacci Chapel.

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