Cultural Programs | Mission





Program objective

This program was developed to meet the demand for cultural enrichment and continuing education abroad. Current international study is almost exclusively limited to collegiate level semester programs that exclude a great number of people who share the same thirst for cultural knowledge as study abroad college students, but who do not share the same luxury of time. For this reason, this program was designed to allow participants to experience a condensed program at an extraordinary level of academic quality.


Program location

The program will be based in Florence, Italy, although optional field study trips will be offered in surrounding cities such as Rome and Siena. Classes and lectures will be both on-site and in-class and will take place in a variety of venues. On-site lectures will involve meeting in the various churches, museums, piazzas, villas, gardens and studio art or restoration laboratories. In-class lectures will take place in a recently modernized and fully equipped historical structure in the heart of Florence.


Program services

Although housing is not part of the program, maximum assistance will be given to participants in finding accommodations in Florence. Special conventions have been made with local hotels of three, four and five star categories to offer our participants special prices. A housing office has also been arranged through a local real estate agency specialized in middle to high- end short- term apartment rentals. Participants will also receive assistance for their daily logistical and social needs such as:

  1. Travel Tips
  2. Food and Restaurants suggestions
  3. Cultural Events and Entertainment
  4. Shopping
  5. Medicinal Care
  6. Daily Life needs (Post Office, Hairdressers, Banking )
  7. General requests